nalyze the Past
  Monitor the Present
   Plan the Future
Collaborative Workflow

While business and financial analysts are generally required to explore business metrics 80% of the time, they are typically only fulfilling this function 20% of the time.

Although both management and the analysts should be able to provide “what-if” scenario modeling, the amount of spreadsheets required to create effective rolling forecasts make it nearly impossible to do so.

Detailed Driver-Based Planning

According to the Hackett Group, on average, 3-5% of a company’s annual revenue is tied up in the planning process. Even if your organization does a better job in this area, or has a relatively simple process, it can always be re-evaluated.

Alpha Performance Planning solutions provide the following:

  • A clearly communicated strategy with appropriate resources
  • A strategy translated into plans, budgets, and forecasts
  • Collaboration, clarity, and organizational communications
  • Driver-Based supporting structures
  • A sense of strong financial/business ownership and responsibility
  • Education on financial implications and impact of decisions
  • A single and standardized information source for all 

If your organization is using Excel as your planning and reporting tool, consider giving us a call to discuss the best practices in planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Let Alpha demonstrate the right Performance Management for you and your company.