Within most corporations, reporting consists of a mixture of Excel, business intelligence tools, ERP (enterprise resource planning)/application-specific tools, and custom development.

IT often has their hands full with hardware and software updates and migrations, a lengthy project list, and a limited staff with an inconsistent skill set. However, despite these common issues, reporting will always be the backbone of any organization.

At Alpha Performance Management, we want your organization to stop writing reports. We allow you to do so by providing content that allows everyone in the company to see what they need to see in order to do their job and manage their area properly.

From a CEO viewing a top-level corporate scorecard, to an HR manager assessing employee skills and retention, to even a foreman on the shop floor analyzing the uptime on the machines, Alpha Performance Management listens to all needs and requirements of the organization and delivers high value solutions.

Through the use of industry leading CPM software, Alpha turns your data into whatever you need: Boardroom quality prompted reports, a reporting portal for all of your Performance Management content, dashboards, scorecards, drillable contents, multidimensional (cube) reports, and more.


Reporting and Analytics
  nalyze the Past
  Monitor the Present
   Plan the Future